Type alias TokenExchangeTokenConfig

TokenExchangeTokenConfig: {
    identityProviderToken: string | (() => Promise<string>);
    orgId: string;
    tokenProviderService: string;

Token configuration allowing the State Backed client to exchange an identity provider token for a State Backed token.

Token exchange must be configured prior to use by creating at least one identity provider and at least one token provider.

Type declaration

  • identityProviderToken: string | (() => Promise<string>)

    The identity provider token to exchange for a State Backed token or a function returning a promise for that token.

    For example, this might be your Auth0 or Supabase access token.

  • orgId: string

    The State Backed organization ID to use.

  • tokenProviderService: string

    The name of the token provider service to use to generate the State Backed token.

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