Type alias UpgradeState<Context>

UpgradeState<Context>: ((oldState, context) => StatePath)

Type Parameters

  • Context = object

Type declaration

    • (oldState, context): StatePath
    • upgradeState is called to migrate a state of an instance of a previous version of a machine to a state of the new version of the machine.

      upgradeState migrates individual states, one at a time, by mapping StatePaths of the previous machine version to StatePaths of the new machine version. StatePaths represent a path from the root of the machine, through the state hierarchy, to a single leaf state.

      Note that StatePaths represent the path to a single state, not the entire state of the machine. In cases where machines have parallel states, upgradeState will be called multiple times for each parallel leaf state. This is done to make upgradeState as simple as possible. Ideally, this should be a simple map from every possible state of the old machine to a state of the new machine.

      The provided context parameter may not be a valid context for oldState. This will happen because, in addition to migrating the current machine state, we also migrate the history of the machine to allow history states to continue to function properly. So, context is a context for the old version of the machine at or after the machine transitioned to oldState.

      To use your own context shapes, use UpgradeState. where Context is the prior machine version's context shape.


      Returns StatePath

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